User Research Friday

A casual conference, user research friday is where UX, research, and design professionals gather to discuss methods and meet each other. By User Interface Engineering.

On November 18th, 2011, over 200 design and research professionals gathered in NY, SF, and Amsterdam. Check out all the videos and slides here.

2010: Last Year

There were 125 web, UX, design, and research professionals that got together in San Francisco in SOMA to listen to talks from the Twitter design research team, Jared Spool, and many others. You can see all the videos & slides on the 2010 page, although we know conference videos are usually pretty dry unless it's freaking TED. These ones pretty good. Swear.


Tomer Sharon

Author, It's Our Research

Eris Stassi

Director of UX
Morgan Stanley

Daniel Stillman

Gotham Smith

Kathi Kaiser


Jenn Downs

Design Researcher

Diane Loviglio

UX Researcher

Nate Bolt

Bolt | Peters


URF 2008

More than 250 people had a great time in 2008. Check out that one.


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Usabilla offers a fast and simple way to collect visual feedback on webpages, mockups, wireframes, sketches, or any other images.

Optimal Workshop took their years of experience in usability consulting and condensed it into a suite of usability study tools. We love their card sorting!

User Testing, the fastest, cheapest way to discover why people leave your website.

C'mon, we make this thing, and it's awesome sauce for recruiting participants. All that at

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Who Should Attend

Designers at startups
Product managers at startups
Developers at startups
The lone UX wolf at a startup
Designers and developers who care about UX at startups
Founders of startups
Investors in startups
You've done focus groups and thought they sucked
Developers at startups who think users are stupid
Market research professionals now working for a startup
You, you, and you (from Blues Brothers)
Me and you, your momma and your cousin, too (from Outkast )

From the Authors of Remote Research

We completed the book, Remote Research, last year, which is the the first book on online user research methods written in the history of humankind.