Dr. Kris Mihalic

Kris is a true mobile researcher - two cell phones, one portable media player, and a laptop surround him 24/7. He is fascinated by all sorts of mobile devices and their impact on social interaction. He received a Master in the interdisciplinary field of Communication Science and Computer Science and holds a Doctorate in Human-Computer Interaction, both from the University of Salzburg, Austria. He has worked on several academic and industrial research projects with companies such as Sony, Vodafone, Research In Motion, and PalmSource. Kris has successfully organized international conferences and workshops in the field of HCI, and has been an active member of the MobileHCI conference series. As Adjunct Professor at UCSC teaching Methods and Principles of Interface Design, he likes to be challenged by students. Kris currently leads User Experience research for Yahoo!'s mobile products, where he's challenging and rethinking mobile research on a daily basis. He lives on coffee.

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